Tycoon Wear Clothing Company is a venture established in July 2002 by Anthony Seaton and proud to bring you a collection designed for todays man and women that will truly reflect thier character and individualism.

Anthonys concept is to create a sporty/casual design that truly reflects an expression of oneself and a lifestyle that will inspire the urban community, and to deliver a innovative fashion statment that will fill a void in the clothing industry.

Tycoon Wear collection consists of a trendy forward fashion design, using the very best materials for duability and superior comfort, while providing you the very best in exiting new looks that meets the fashion challanges of the new millenium.

Tycoon Wear Clothing Company aspires for greater things, the sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless.

Tycoon Wear is not just a brand that aims to bring you high quality clothing.

Tycoon Wear… Its A Lifestyle …Get Familliar…